Investment Philosophy


A successful investment journey starts with a plan and a time frame.  Simply put, when you know how long you’re investing for and what you hope to gain, you can put the structure in place to achieve it.

A financial advisor can offer experience and guidance to help you focus on what you can control, employ actions that add value, and help to lead to an improved investment experience.

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With knowledge and discipline, the Affinity Financial investment philosophy is guided by the following principles:
      1. Your investment plan is tailored to align with your personal financial objectives, timeline, and risk tolerance;
      2. A structured blend of broad asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and cash, will be used to dial in expected returns with less overall risk;
      3. Smart diversification includes investing across global locations and business sectors;
      4. Total return means deliberately managing expenses, turnover, and taxes;
      5. Maintaining discipline through market volatility could unlock tremendous investment opportunities and better long-term outcomes.


The Affinity Financial investment approach is based on a disciplined hybrid between active and passive management, permitting client portfolios to embrace the best of both styles.

At the core, each investment portfolio includes an investment allocation for cost-efficient global diversification. This foundation provides for broad exposure to global stock and bond markets in alignment with the desired spectrum of returns.

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Active management is layered into investment decisions for the purpose of adapting to current markets, capitalizing on emerging opportunities, or reducing overall risk with low correlation and diversifying investments.  Examples may include:

      • Tactical shifts in overall allocation to stocks, bonds, and cash
      • Business cycle adjustments to different stocks based on industry, geography, size, quality, value, momentum, or volatility factors
      • Thematic investing in growth-oriented and highly innovative companies for participating in long-term market-shaping trends
      • Conservative call and put option strategies for income generation or risk mitigation

Like many other market factors, the outperformance of active and passive investment styles tends to move in cycles that are difficult to accurately predict.  The benefit from this strategic and orderly approach is that it allows an investor to maintain a core set of assets that balances the need for long-term appreciation and durability while aiming to further enhance growth and income prospects.  By tactically integrating forward-looking short- and intermediate-term adjustments into the investment mix, diversified exposure to different investment styles can help reduce risk and improve returns, all while maintaining focus on the achievement of goal-based investment outcomes.

What’s Your Risk Tolerance?

No matter where you are in your personal journey, it is assured that you have a stream of life transitions ahead. These are real-life events and activities regarding your career, your family, your health, and so much more. Many, if not all, of these transitions, have meaningful financial implications to be mindful of.

Effective navigation of transitions empowers you to potentially create an ideal future that adapts to your ever-changing age, income, life circumstances, and essential priorities. This clarity of vision and purposeful direction with financial decisions helps keep you in control of your own life path story.

As a collaborative partner for your financial success and well-being, Affinity Financial can help you balance the pressures of life’s complexities and transitions through proactive awareness and planning. Our primary focus is on helping you make smart choices with your money so that you can live the best life possible with the resources you have.

Is there anything happening in your life right now or that you see coming that could have a major impact on your financial future?”

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