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A feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests; A liking for or an attraction to something; A quality that makes people or things suited to each other

From the Desk of Derek Pantele, CEO & Founder:

This is Day 1 for Affinity Financial.  It is with tremendous excitement that I make this announcement!

For many of us, 2020 has been a year of reflection, introspection, adaptation, and transition.  It has been a time for us all to lean on our closest family, friends, and professional networks for support in all its forms.  Meanwhile, we remain compelled to fulfill our own roles as providers of strength, security, and comfort for others.

As a wealth manager and financial planner, my professional role is focused on supporting you as you prepare for and navigate through life transitions.  The greatest value I bring to my clients is to align their means with their meaning.  I have founded Affinity Financial specifically to help our clients live more fulfilling lives.  We do this by forming a partnership between client and advisor in which we explore the goals that are most important for our client’s personal vision.  We aim to give back time, offer our experience, and relieve the stress that comes with financial decisions—ultimately allowing that energy to go back to the parts of the client’s life that are most significant.

I am blessed to help people plan for a retirement with the confidence of real financial freedom.  I have earned a strong reputation as a ‘financial first-responder’ during the toughest of life’s challenges.  I am honored to aid individuals in securely preparing for a first home, expansion and renovation, or even an addition to the family. 

My approach to this professional role is quite personal and intimate in nature.  The commitments I make are deep and the relationships created are long-lasting.  Responsibilities are accepted with great awareness.  For these reasons, it is understood that there is an emphasis on quality relationships, rather than quantity.  There are plenty of other business choices serving a large volume of accounts.  Instead, we feel we have a duty to embrace the human elements of our relationships—we only want those relationships that are mutually beneficial and oriented toward the long-term.

Affinity Financial is about serving YOU—by giving back time, choices, freedom, and life.  It is with these guiding principles and core values that we operate as a business. Specifically, we will provide services that help you live your most fulfilling life through the following ways:

Your Solid Foundation

We will assess your personal situation and ensure that the essential elements are in place for long-term stability and success in your financial and life goals.  Your financial goals will shift over time and life transitions will occur, but your foundation must be robust.  Proactively protecting against financial fragility will help you in facilitating a real and enduring commitment to yourself and your loved ones. 

Your Details Embraced

With open ears, we hear your values, concerns, and aspirations—your STORY.  With a keen eye, we concentrate on potential opportunities to enhance your financial position and guard against threats that may derail your plans.  With genuine curiosity and interest, we aim to bring you clarity for how you can live well with the money that you have.  For us, the little things, done consistently, become the big things.

Your Place of Calm & Order

We focus on your needs with a calm demeanor and present thoughtfulness.  The truth is that money is emotionalYou deserve financial harmony in which your money and your life are aligned with purpose. Our commitment is to bring objective insights to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters.  We do this by being available to consult with you in semi-annual meetings and key moments of decision-making.  We stay organized in our approach and informed on everchanging financial landscapes —a trusted source of education in a noisy world.

Your Reliable Partner & Ally

Just as you are invested with us, we remain emotionality invested in your success.  Working as a team, we will help you achieve the best life possible and will work in concert with you through collaboration.  We embody compassion as you navigate through the ups and downs of life.  Together, we will enjoy the journey and celebrate your progress along the way!  We are transparent and client focused.  We exist to enrich and secure your financial life, year after year, so you can focus on what matters most to you!

Seven years ago, at the recommendation of a mentor, I was referred to Authentic Happiness, by Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.  In this literature, I was introduced to the three kinds of “work orientation”: (1) a job, (2) a career, and (3) a calling.  You do a job for the paycheck at the end of the week.  A career entails a deeper personal investment in work, which can be marked by money and advancement.  A calling, though, is a passionate commitment to work for its own sake, and something that contributes to the greater good.  All orientations certainly have their merit and purpose for the individual, but I have always felt the work of wealth management is a calling for meThe work is sacred.  The impact is meaningful.

This open letter is the beginning of my commitment to clients of Affinity Financial.  I am available to answer questions and will be communicating further updates over the upcoming weeks.  I encourage you to visit our website or call me directly to learn more.

Please reach out and let me know what YOU need! I am eager to listen to your thoughts.

With Honor & Enthusiasm,

Derek S. Pantele, CFP®, CFA®
CEO & Founder
Affinity Financial, LLC

[email protected]

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

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